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    Bind slave server not updating

    I can log into the slave server and run Now comes the weird part.The slave server will continue to serve up old, stale DNS records, completely ignoring the fact that new data is available on disk after being notified by the master. I would assume that it would always use the most recent data available.This does not in any way affect what data is being served; the new data is served regardless of whether it has been merged into the main zone file yet or not.Additionally, current BIND versions by default do not even use the human-friendly text-based for slave zones in favor of more efficient binary formatting (no actual downside as you're not working directly with the files for slave zones anyway).There are two ways to control when zone transfers take place: The latter method is preferred as it is both quicker and more efficient.BIND sends notifications by default, however it is good practice to enable them explicitly if they are an important part of the configuration.

    A notify is deemed valid if the sender is one of the servers in the NS RRset for the zone, has been explicitly allowed using an 'allow-notify' clause, or is from an address listed in the masters' clause.These need not be masters in the sense defined above: it is possible (and sometimes necessary) for a slave to obtain zone data from another slave.Masters must be specified as IP addresses, not as domain names, however it is possible to define a ‘masters list’ containing the required addresses which can then be referred to symbolically (see below).Note that neither command will cause a zone transfer if the master name server has an equal or lower serial number for the zone: the slave will check the serial number, see that its copy of the zone is current and go back to waiting for the next NOTIFY message or for the refresh timer to pop.If you really need to force a zone transfer to a slave, you’ll have to delete the backup zone data file and restart -- not reload -- the name server.

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